The One Beauty Item Sarah Jessica Parker Says Is The Holy Grail

By Cindy Pearlman KnowMore's Hollywood Insider

Ah, the sweet smell of success.

Who better to tell us about how to smell like a fashion icon and international beauty than our former “Sex and the City” role model Sarah Jessica Parker who’s also earned her fragrance chops with perfumes such as Lovely and SJP NYC. “If you want to smell sweet and not like you just jumped into a pool of fumes then you need to change how you apply your favorite scent,” she says.

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She revealed to us that she’s been a ‘perfume violator’ for years, and that she’s learned a thing or two about application. “When most of us apply a fragrance we rip it apart by rubbing our wrists together,” explains Parker. The key is to apply it and just let it sit for awhile—no rubbing.”

Back on the beauty front, Parker says she’s a moisturizing queen and always carries Burt’s Bees lip balm in her pocket. Her favorite beauty product? “Mascara is the Holy Grail,” she says. “I’m on an endless search for the right one.” Now the confession: “I’m very bad at makeup and wear next to none in me personal life. I can put on mascara, and that’s it.”

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sake is good for your skinCeleb DIY Beauty Tip: Sake to the Rescue!

It turns out that sake isn’t just the best part of many a Japanese meal. The wine is also a great beauty secret and many Hollywood A-listers are using it in order to have younger looking skin. Why does it work? It increases circulation and body temperature and gets rid of toxins while adding enzymes that brighten your skin.

Recipe: Just pour a cup of sake into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes or pour it onto a warm washcloth and lay it over your face while you relax. You’ll look fresh-faced and your toxins will be on the run. Just order some brown rice and seaweed salad for lunch to complete your day of renewal!

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