Brad Pitt’s Other Woman Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

By Cindy Pearlman KnowMore's Hollywood Insider

MirelleEnosMireille Enos, co-star of the zombie summer thriller “World War Z” gives me hair envy. Her long chestnut locks look luxurious whether she’s cozying up to her on-screen love Brad Pitt or destroying zombies. What’s her summer haircare secret? “I only wash it every three days,” says Enos, who also stars on “The Killing” and is mom to a young daughter and wife to Alan Ruck (Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”)

“A hairdresser told me that not washing your hair is crucial because otherwise it will dry out and frizz.” Her go-to products? “I use a ton of Kiehl’s conditioner like their Olive Fruit Oil conditioner and I also use Moroccan oil to finish my hair.” Our question: On days you don’t shampoo don’t you feel a little greasy? “This is what no one tells you about not washing your hair. You can get it wet. Just don’t use soap,” she says.

Her other beauty buy: “Dermalogica skin products are amazing,” says Enos.

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When those expensive salon highlights that you had foiled in ten weeks ago start looking a little bit dull, before you race back to the salon, try this quick tip overheard in the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton. (You get the best beauty tips in ladies’ rooms, and this one came from a very chi-chi Beverly Hills type trying to pinch pennies before an impending divorce!)


- 1 bottle of beer (stay away from dark lagers; open an hour or two before using so that it goes flat)

- 1 lemon, juiced

Pour 8 ounces of beer into a plastic cup and mix with the juice of one lemon. Standing over a sink or in the shower (without the water running), starting at the crown, pour the entire concoction into your hair.  Meditate or contemplate life for five minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition.  If you want more dramatic results do the same treatment and sit in the sun for five minutes, followed by a rinse, shampoo and condition. The hops in the beer react with the sun to bring out a glow in your hair.

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Cindy Pearlman is the co-author of several beauty books including “The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets,” “The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets” and “The Beauty Cookbook.” 

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